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"I have a unique blend of attributes but most of all a tenacious desire to research everything and treat every living being individually with love, compassion and empathy as I help them regain their health."

 - Dr. Monica Sava


My Personal Healing Journey

As a young adult I suffered from Hashimotos and Endometriosis and this was very difficult for me.  Then when I hit 35 years old my life changed drastically after being bit by a small nymph tick.  I went from operating at 100 mph to 0 in a few months.  I help others because 15 years ago I almost lost my life to neurological Lyme Disease and I suffered for many years with excruciating pain, fatigue, depression, insomnia, heart palpitations, brain fog, and so many other horrific symptoms.  This was after being misdiagnosed by at least 27 Physicians, 5 Hospitalizations, MANY ER visits, and being told I needed to listen to the experts or I would lose my life. I was not as worried about my own life but rather the ability to take care of my children and my animals. The overwhelming sense of loss I felt was beyond words. 


I lost my marriage, house, relationships with family and friends and so much more. I had to give away my dog, Moose, because I could not walk at one point. I had to hire someone to put my children on the school bus! All of this loss was due to other people's inability to believe Lyme existed and my choice to follow a conventional approach to getting my life back. I was told to go on Disability and accept my Illness! My answer to those doctors includes bad words I cannot write on this site :). They were not could they tell me I would never get well?  I also had a child suffering with the same illness and I somehow lived through this as a single parent.  Watching your child suffer is worse than experiencing the pain yourself!  She also lost years of her childhood.


I was able to get my life back when I began to trust myself and my body's ability to heal itself using a holistic approach.  I had to not only deal with getting rid of the issues related to Lyme disease but also the incredible amount of damage I sustained from antibiotics. At the same time also doing this for my daughter.  It was difficult but I never gave up. I kept researching and learning as much as I could to help us both.  Many people that I met along my healing journey are no longer with us. Many people are now considered part of my family! I was able to regain my health completely.  I believe I am here for a reason and that reason is to use all of my education, personal experience, and skills to help other living beings also regain their optimal health.  It has now become my life's purpose.

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Monica is truly a gifted healer. Compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, and knowledgeable. Monica treats her patients with kindness and care.  Some doctors just treat symptoms, Monica will do her best to find the root of any ailment, and treat it accordingly ...