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Wellness Programs

SAVA Holistic Health

Exclusive Private Holistic Lifestyle Facebook Group

Holistic Lifestyle Facebook Group: A Comprehensive Group for Well-Being

Discover the key to a balanced and vibrant life with our all-encompassing FB group on holistic living and daily detoxing. This comprehensive resource covers everything you need to know to achieve a healthy weight, reduce anxiety, sleep better, and savor delicious, nutritious food.

Our holistic lifestyle group includes:

  • Tips and strategies for maintaining a healthy weight

  • Techniques to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation

  • Advice on improving sleep quality for enhanced well-being

  • Delicious, wholesome recipes for every meal

  • Insights on the latest scientific research in holistic health

  • Engaging family games to encourage togetherness and wellness

  • Fitness routines tailored for a variety of skill levels and goals 

Embrace a more fulfilling and healthful life by exploring our holistic lifestyle group. Begin your journey towards a happier, healthier you today!

SAVA Holistic Health Meal Planning

Meal Planning & Healthy Recipes /Private Label Options

Customized Meal Planning & Healthy Recipes with Private Label Options

Discover personalized meal plans tailored to your unique needs, whether you're looking to lose weight, manage food allergies, or address specific health concerns.


Our customized meal plans offer:

🎯 Solutions for specific health issues

🍽️ Guidance for food intolerances

🍲 Delectable, healthy recipes

🛒 Convenient shopping lists

🥦 Detailed nutrient content

📸 Stunning food photography

📚 Straightforward instructions

🛍️ Accessible and affordable ingredients

Private Label Options:

Expand your brand with our custom recipe bundles, designed for you to white-label and share with your clients or groups.

We also offer:

🎨 Canva templates for easily sharing recipes

📞 Consultations to discuss your specific needs

Get in touch to explore our meal-planning solutions and private-label options today!

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