LOSE Weight & Feel Great Herbal Tincture

LOSE Weight & Feel Great Herbal Tincture

SAVA Holistic Health LLC, organically grown or wildcrafted Gymnema Sylvestre, Fenugreek, Caralluma, Garcinia Cambogia, Cayenne, Rosemary, Flax, Ginkgo, Bitter Melon, Eleuthero, Chickweed, California Poppy, Blue Vervain & Passionflower infused in alcohol, 1 or 2 fluid oz. 


Consult Physician prior to the use of any herbal product.  Do not use if pregnant, nursing or taking any prescription medicines. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.  Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Keep out of children’s reach. Please Check with Health Care Provider for Correct Dosage. Exp. 2023. Batch PLWFG009


General Instructions: Always test 1 drop for reaction, use 6 drops 2 times/day in shot glass of water. For best results use an hour away from food or water.  Stop using immediately if you have any reactions. Store in a cool dark place.

* To Assist in Weight Management