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Updated: May 7, 2020

Seasonal Depression and Anxiety for People with Tick Borne Illnesses and Autoimmune Disorders- Take 1

Seasonal Depression and Anxiety for People with Tick Borne Illnesses and Autoimmune Disorders- Take 1

Many that read my posts would relate more to The Grinch than Chris Kringle and why is that? People with compromised immune systems and a history of post-traumatic stress are much more likely to also have compromised adrenals which make them unequipped to deal with stressful situations. If you add PAIN into the mix then you will also most likely have a heightened overall sensitivity due to the overwhelm of the Holidays. I think a great deal of depression could be eliminated by just being aware of what you should do to safeguard yourself over the Holiday Season.

There are so many issues that this population of people deal with and most of them have no visible signs of the overwhelming depression they are experiencing over the Holiday season. Since most of you have heard that your illnesses are all in your head, the idea that you are OVERWHELMED by the holidays just adds to your depressed state. Yes, I have been in this lovely place myself in the past and now I actually start to see this happening with almost everyone starting December 1st and it only gets worse. It is like watching a human game of TOPPLE where you keep adding another piece (stressor) to the structure until you finally come crashing down just in time for the Holiday celebrations. You guessed it….this leads to even more Depression.

There are strategies that you can take to help yourself during this Holiday season. First many of you need to realize that you are actually in a weakened state and you need to set realistic goals for yourself. That does not mean you need to identify and become one with your illness…rather realize what your current limitations are so you can work your way to better health. As all of you know when you push yourself to hard you fall back afterwards. The key is to know where that line is that you don’t push past. This is easier said than done when you set unrealistic goals. How many of you have been holiday shopping and pushed just a little too much and then could not move for days afterwards. It is not fun and it leads to depression.

You may not be able to do what you did in the past until you get your health back and that is OK. The world is not going to come crashing down if you do not go out and spend money you do not have on presents that most do not need. Do what you can with what you have. If you need to make everyone homemade gifts this year that is actually fine and will probably be appreciated more than your store-bought gifts. It is pretty easy to give someone a DETOX bath salts jar. Put half Epsom salt and half baking soda in a mason jar with a pretty bow. You can even add some sea salt if you have some along with some scents, such as 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Stick a pretty bow on top with a loving note and you are good to go! That is a gift someone will actually use. Online shopping for your kids is also fine if you can’t leave the house right now.

Trust me your kids want time with you much more than a gift. You can make movie night coupons or game night coupons for the kids. I watched “Night At The Museum” about 20 times with my kids while I was bedridden. My kids always felt happier when they gave me presents that they made. For two years my youngest daughter would go in her room and wrap her favorite toys for me to have on Christmas Day. I always felt so guilty not being able to go get them lots of great things but they never cared and we watched Christmas movies from my bed.

You cannot go wrong watching Elf or Fred Claus! My point is that you can make whatever Holiday you celebrate special for you and your family without spending a ton of money or having to leave the house. All anyone that loves you really wants is that you feel happy and loved…and that you get better asap.


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