Groundhog Day Meets COVID-19 Coronavirus

For most practitioners or people in the helping fields, the act of helping others is more of a personal mission….and they thrive off the much-needed positive energy that is given back. It takes a great deal of energy, courage and love to constantly be giving to others but I can tell you it is worth it. The last few months of my life have been quite challenging…so many changes and none that I asked for or was ready for! Helping others kept me focused, grounded and happier.

I watched my two daughters go away to college, had my best friend suddenly die in another state, had my beloved Saint Bernard die in my arms, saw too many of my University colleagues lose their jobs, had surgery for Achalasia, found myself in the middle of a divorce, helped my Mastiff go through much needed surgery to walk, dealt with the extreme impact of COVID-19 on the world and found myself afraid again because of my uncertain future. Oh and this is the short list 😊 For anyone that knows me…they know how I feel about Fear.

The last few months for me have been a wakeup call to get my life back…to get myself back. They have given me a chance to find my inner strength and even my physical strength as I move forward. I kind of look at this time in history as a wakeup call for the earth. People can either realize this is an opportunity to heal the earth and themselves…or they can continue to self-destruct. It is a very real decision that I think everyone has to make. I think we all have to address what is happening around us and how it is affecting nature…which in turn impacts all living beings on this planet. Really what is COVID-19, how did it start and when will it end? Why now?

I have never seen so many people stressed and full of fear in my life. The negativity is just overwhelming to me. I am not going to lie and say that you can just wish the bad things away because that is not realistic. You also cannot force yourself to only see the positive in everything because burying your emotions can have very damaging consequences. It is very easy to get lost among all of the chaos right now. One of the first things I tell people right now is to seriously stop watching so much NEWS…it is just nonstop TOXIC.

In basic psychology most students learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Two basic building blocks of this hierarchy are a sense of security and safety. I think many people are finding themselves in a place where those building blocks are missing. My life has felt more like a game of Jenga lately! I keep adding blocks and know I cannot sustain the structure without a major crash.

ll the good thing is that you can get strong enough to handle any kind of crash but it does help if you have some crazy glue on those blocks and a soft landing! Nobody can be strong all the time and it is okay to FREAK OUT every once in a while. We were never meant to be perfect but rather just have the ability to grow and learn. Right now, I would focus on making sure that the stress surrounding you does not impact your physical health. People with compromised immune systems don’t have a great deal of wiggle room. You also can’t live in a box and be afraid to live your life. Luckily there are many things you can do as you work on your health and deal with all the uncertainty around us.

First realize that COVID-19 is a virus and you have been exposed to viruses your entire life. Yes, this is a BEAST and has a very complex structure but it is still a virus. You can fight viruses just like you do every day of your life. The key with any virus is to support and strengthen your immune system while you do your best to knock down the infectious agent. People are now speculating on whether COVID-19 can come back…or you can get it again…my answer is that there is no one perfect answer because it is a virus and they behave differently in every person. How many people reading this blog post had a resurgence of EBV, PARVO B19, HHV-6, Shingles etc… since they became chronically ill? Also, if it behaves like a “normal” virus it may increase in the Fall. I prefer to level the playing field and get the people I am responsible for stronger so they can deal with whatever will be thrown their way. Aside from supplementation and the use of herbal and alternative medicine….you have to keep your stress levels under control or you will wreak havoc on your immune system and your adrenals.

I have now helped many people get well with COVID-19 including family members like my own daughter. Tinctures, supplementation and diet are important factors for beating COVID-19 but a key factor in anyone’s ability to heal is how well they handle STRESS. You have entire families working from home, going to school from home, shopping from home, and literally spending more “quality time” together then they can handle. Aside from the fact that the entire world seems to be online 24/7 now, most people are not getting enough human physical contact. There are still limits to what you can do with FaceTime and ZOOM! I think one of the biggest issues is that nobody gets a break from this Ground Hog Day Meets Coronavirus lifetime movie. I wake up and think...Do I have enough food for the kids? Do I have enough hay and grain for the horses? Do I have enough oil for heat? Is the internet working? Do my students need help? Do my clients need help? Heck do I have enough toilet paper? Are we going to have some place to live? And for the Love of God….please do not let me run out of coffee! All the while I am getting alerts on my phone telling me the Sky is Falling. I think my point about STRESS is obvious.

Since everyone is dealing with the pandemic on some level, you can also use a little part of your captive day to reconnect with yourself. This will also help you deal with STRESS. How many people take the time to just sit with nature and CHILL OUT and RECONNECT? Maybe you should try it one day this week and see what it does to your stress levels. The idea of Earthing (walking barefoot in the grass) has a very real positive impact on your body. The idea of just being alone with yourself in nature does not have to be scary or isolating…it can actually be liberating. Nature does not stand still for anyone or anything and I do not expect it to stand still for COVID-19 either. I seriously think gardening and working with my animals keeps me grounded and helps to remove the negative energy in my life. I call it dirt therapy but for me it works. I tell everyone to try to get outside before noon every day to help with their energy levels and sleep. You do not need to muck stalls like I do every morning but you do need to move and do something to keep your immune system working.

Of course, I am also going to mention some specific herbs for you to discuss with your health care practitioner. Please check out the following herbs to help control stress: Skullcap, Hops, Oatstraw, Lavender, Chamomile, Valerian, Wild Lettuce, Kava Kava and California Poppy. Most of these are in my newest formulated tincture called the Stress Eraser. You can purchase Stress Eraser off my website along with finding my newest COVID-19 package of tinctures. To avoid getting a virus in the first place I suggest using the two tinctures labeled Viral Smash and Mushroom Madness. Also you can see my latest prescription grade COVID-19 supplement suggestions by clicking here: . I find that most people suffering from Anxiety also have serious vitamin deficiencies especially vitamin B. The sad fact is that most antidepressants deplete a person’s B vitamins so the person remains stuck on those drugs for a very long time.

It is finally getting warmer here in CT but that also means the ticks are coming out in full force and pollen is off the charts. People can easily mistake symptoms from severe allergy attacks or tick bites as COVID-19 symptoms. I had one woman this week show me a horrific rash on her foot claiming it was the classic coronavirus foot rash but it was from a tick. If you have seasonal allergies, you can ask your health care provider about the ingredients in my formulated Allergy tincture along with the addition of Vitamin C and Quercetin to your daily regimen. These two supplements have been shown with solid clinical research to work extremely well. I personally find that most people react negatively to things like Benadryl but not to those supplements. I will post a specific tick preparation blog later this week.

Trying a free guided mediation app for 15 min a day is another very powerful stress reducer. A simple App search for free tools will provide many options. Laughing is another huge tool so find something to listen or watch that makes you smile.

One very important factor is to not stay home and eat crap food. If you load up on sugar and empty calories you will just further damage your immune system and your self esteem. Drink a glass of lemon water or grab a fruit when you are about to reach for a sugary snack. Find some hobbies to work on instead of being bored and eating for no reason. I have been truly amazed by what my friends have been making these days. Whether it is art, music, gardening, writing, games, will keep you from eating empty calories.

Also spend some time thinking about what you can do in your life that will make you happy. That is not an easy thing for most people to answer. Personally, I would like to have a healing retreat where people can learn how to get healthy, get much needed support, make friends, and laugh so I am going to keep thinking about how I can make it happen.

If you are looking for a practitioner that uses natural methods to help people and animals achieve optimal health then please schedule a FREE consult at I will keep writing articles and sharing my personal experience and education in the hope that it helps others to heal. Life is a precious amazing gift!