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Holistic Detox Empowerment Programs

I would like to help support you on your wellness journey.  I educate people about natural approaches to help them achieve their health & wellness goals. I address the whole person-body, mind, and spirit!  Everything has a cause and effect, so why not try to change your future instead of accepting and masking the symptoms.


My perfect client already believes in themselves and the power of the human body.  They are sick of being sick and tired! They understand there is no magic bullet to fix their health. They have made a conscious decision to take control of their own health and make the necessary lifestyle changes to Detox Their Way to Optimal Health!


Take the first step and make an introductory consult.....let’s see how we can work together to help you achieve your health goals!


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Initial Discovery Consult/ Quick Current Client Questions

This 30 min consultation can be used to determine if we are a good fit moving forward (getting to know you).  It can also be used by current clients if they do not need an hour to discuss their question. The goal is to discuss issues that may be impacting your overall health and possible approaches through holistic lifestyle modification, holistic nutrition and Yoga. (ZOOM or Phone)

Exclusive Private Holistic DETOX Facebook Group

We cover all kinds of information about living a healthy holistic Lifestyle with daily detoxing.  It focuses on obtaining a healthy weight, reducing anxiety, sleeping better, making healthy delicious food, evaluating current science articles, family games, fitness routines and SO MUCH MORE!


YOGA Schedule coming soon​

Detox Warrior12 Week Program

Wonderful group program called Detox Warrior

  • 💧 Improved hydration and hydration levels

  • 💪 Boosted energy and overall wellness

  • 🌱 Improved digestion and gut health

  • 🔥 Reduced inflammation

  • 💫 Clearer skin and brighter complexion

  • 🧘‍♀️ Increased mental clarity and reduced stress

  • 💆‍♂️ Better sleep and more restful nights

  • 🏋️‍♀️ Increased physical performance and endurance

  • 💊 Reduced exposure to environmental toxins

  • 👊 Improved immune system function and overall health

  • ❤️ Improved heart health

  • 💰 Weight loss

Meal Planning & Healthy Recipes /Private Label Options

I offer customized meal plans for specific issues : (weight loss, food allergies, celiac, diabetes, Cardiovascular. etc)

  • 👩 Address specific issues 

  • 🍴 Address food intolerance 

  • 🥙 Provide delicious recipes

  • 📅 Shopping lists

  • 🥕 Nutrient content 

  • 🖼️ Beautiful pictures

  • 📝Easy instructions

  • 🍽️ easy to find, affordable ingredients


Private Label Options:

  • Build specific recipe bundles for you to white label for clients/groups

  • Design Canva templates for these recipes to share.

  • Contact me to discuss options.

Research Authentication/ Dissertation Assistance/Statistical Consulting

I offer personalized support to help you with your research design, authentication, & statistical consulting in your business endeavors.

  • 💡 Provide assistance with research design, surveys, information authentication & methodology 

  • 🛡️Assist with dissertations and clinical trials

  • 📈  Perform statistical analysis

  • 💻 Design content for PODCASTS, social media, public talks and instructional content.

If you need help determining what research is reliable, valid and can be me!  

Research Authentication Detective (10 Self-Paced Modules)

Want to take your research skills to the next level? Check out our 10-module online course on authenticating research! Learn how to verify credentials, assess study methodology, detect potential biases, and much more. Perfect for students, health care professionals. nurses, health coaches, holistic practitioners, academics, and professionals looking to enhance their research skills. Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a more confident and credible researcher! Bonus 1 hour Office Hours (TBD in May 2023)

  • 💡 Enhance critical appraisal skills to assess research quality

  • 📈 Develop a better understanding of research design, methodology and statistical analysis

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Gain practical skills to identify sources of bias and limitations in research

  • 🛡️ Learn to identify and avoid research misconduct and ethical concerns

  • 🔎 Understand how to evaluate credibility and reliability of research sources

  • 💪 Improve ability to interpret and apply research findings

  • 📚 Gain confidence in critically evaluating research studies

  • 🚀 Enhance professional development and career prospects

  • 🏥 Stay up-to-date with the latest research trends and best practices

  • 🎓 Learn in a flexible online format that accommodates busy schedules.

Knowledge is POWER!  

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