Monica is truly a gifted healer. Compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, and knowledgeable. Monica treats her patients with kindness and care.  Some doctors just treat symptoms, Monica will do her best to find the root of any ailment, and treat it accordingly. I have to say I have never met anyone who understands how the human body functions better than her. When someone has seen multiple doctors without getting better or without a diagnosis, Monica is the first person I think about that can help. I trust her judgement more than any specialist, naturopath, or medical doctor.

- John

Monica is as close to Wonder Woman as you will ever find.  I was always a skeptic with the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. I was in a bad way. The list of symptoms was endless. The world had turned upside down and inside out in little over a two years after a small insignificant surgery. I was vacationing in South Carolina and thats when the shaking came on. That’s when my journey through Lyme started. I didn’t know what it was at first. I went to all sorts of doctors for about 6 months who some told me I was fine, some suggested I was crazy and my favorite question was from a neurologist asking me “what kind of street drugs am I using”. If you have lyme I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the process of finding acceptance medically from a doctor that actually has your best interests in mind. It’s a daunting process where some of us get lucky in our search. I was very fortunate along my journey to have come into contact with the doctors and people I’ve met. Over the past year since I’ve known Dr Monica she has been a guiding light through my healing process. If it wasn’t for her I would most likely have a port in my arm and fed some wicked IV drugs that would kill me faster then Lyme would. Dr Monica offers something a lot of LLMD’s don’t have and that’s hands on experience going through her own incredible journey with Lyme. I trusted that enough to ask her to care for me. After my 10 month marriage to antibiotics and me now knowing the consequences of long term antibiotics she felt it was time for me to transition to herbs. I’ve been taking Dr Monica’s advice on Lyme for about a year now and her herbs and supplement recommendations for roughly 3 months and I’ve never felt better. I still have a way to go but I’ve gained a lot of my life back and I owe a lot of that to her and her wisdom. Her unique approach to holistic medicine will not make a career patient out of you but will make a career friendship. If you want to get better in this journey She is one person with the compassion, understanding, and wisdom to see you through. Everything happens for a reason, your reading this for a reason, you’ve met Dr Monica for a reason.

- Rob K

I have known Dr. Monica Sava for many years through her, and her families journey, with Lyme Disease,  and tick borne illnesses. Her background as a PhD in statistical analysis and clinical trials has been extremely beneficial in helping us all,  in that she was able to read through previous studies and know whether they were accurate and how to explain them to  the rest of us.  She has worked tirelessly, researching different protocols,  and has earned many degrees-(too many to mention in holistic health modalities) toward finding new paths to help find a cure. She has been a featured speaker due to her extensive knowledge,  and is held in high regard from both patients and physicians. She has helped so so many with her extensive knowledge, all with a smile on her face. The Lyme community is lucky to have her, and her drive to find the cure.

- Carolyn O

Dr. Monica Sava can easily be described as caring, authentic, empathetic, genuine, confident, educated and health driven.  There aren't words that can describe the level of respect I have for her and my sincere appreciation for her healing both my son and I for Lyme, co-infections and other ailments that have gone undertreated or misdiagnosed for far too long.  She was able to accurately help us get the testing we needed to determine what tick borne illnesses the two of us were suffering from.  She helped us both Heal our ailments and we are both back to living our lives to the fullest.  I was flabbergasted how much Lyme and Babesia were impacting my life.  With Dr. Sava's expertise and compassion, she was able to reassure me that my ailments were not permanent and I was going to get better.  I was hyper-pessimistic and anxious as no one else has been able to help me.  I trusted Dr. Sava and did exactly as she said.  It took a couple of months (which is really not that long when you consider that I've been sick for many years) and I was beginning to feel better.  It was such a relief!  I have continued my relationship with Dr. Sava as she is the one I trust when anyone in my family (including my pets) has an ailment or illness.  Her approach is wholistic instead of simply treating symptoms and this matters!  When the cause of an ailment/illness is found and addressed,  all symptoms go away and the body heals.  It is comforting to know that there are still practitioners who do care about the well-being of their patients and rejoice with you as you heal.  Dr. Sava's passion for helping others, people and animals alike, is second to none.  She cares and it is evident in all she says and does each and every day.

- Heather B

  1. When our teenage son began a devastating journey with Chronic Lyme Disease and Bartonellosis; Dr. Monica became our beacon of light otherwise dark, stormy and terrifying world. We spent months researching the dozens of possible treatments but found Dr. Monica to be the most trustworthy source for not only what works, but what to avoid.  As a doctor and desperate parent I’ve studied chronic disease literally as if my child’s life depended on it.  Only thru that level of study could I comprehend that Dr. Monica was spot on in her understanding and decades ahead of me. Without a comprehensive approach many patients just can’t get better... and sadly that is what we have observed in many cases. Dr. Monica’s knowledge extends to mainstream and alternative therapy as well as lab testing and interpretation... She has brought it all together for us.  We would have been in for a much longer battle if we had not found her. 

  2. Compassion and Expertise. Dr. Monica is the synthesis of her own life experiences, clinical trials and research skills, and her burning passion to help all living things. 

  3. Dr. Monica is my Holistic Sherpa; a trusted guide to help navigate the treacherous ascent to the summit of renewed health. 

  4. Dr. Monica Bruenn has helped us deal with our son's Chronic Lyme disease and Bartonella.  Of all of the Doctors and Specialists that we have worked with she is the most knowledgeable about Tick Bourne Diseases.  Not only has she been able to recommend how to treat our son, she has been able to steer us away from what we should avoid.  Working with Dr. Monica has been the best decision we have made while dealing with this overwhelming and confusing illness.

- Dr. James T