Lose Weight and Feel Great PILOT PROGRAM!

The official kick-off of this weight loss program was January 15th but you can join anytime you are ready to make a commitment to a healthier YOU!


The PILOT PROGRAM is now being Offered at a LOWER Price. 

Regular Prices will Start in April 2021.

All Items can be purchased through this site and you can cancel anytime!

Here is what you get with this program:

  • Weight Loss FACEBOOK Group:

 $25 dollars a month for group support, recipes, lifestyle recommendations and live sessions.


  • LOSE Weight & Feel Great Herbal Tincture:

$150 for approximately 2 months


  • LOSE Weight & Feel Great Meal Program: 

This gives you three months of flexible meal plans, shopping lists and helpful hints along with unlimited access to the recipe library. $80/year unlimited access

Helpful Additions


  • LOVE Your LIVER Herbal Tincture: Helps with Detoxing the Liver

  • Kidney Kisses Herbal Tincture: Helps to Restore & Nourish the Kidneys

  • POWER to the People Herbal Tincture: Helps to Restore & Nourish the Adrenals

  • Lymphatic Draino Herbal Tincture: Helps to Restore & Nourish the Lymphatic System