What I Do - How I Can Help

My services are based upon your specific condition. I assess each person or pet individually to develop a custom protocol to regain optimal health. I will suggest the best approach after our initial consultation (01 below). It could be that I suggest a one time consult or a series of follow up appointments depending on what we are trying to achieve. 

After you've read my healing program details and appointment process, please see my billing structure

How I Can Help you with 2 Healing Programs

1) Autoimmune & Tick-Borne Healing Program which is specific to AI & Lyme Illnesses

2) Short Term Healing Program which encompasses pet consults and other personal minor health issues.


Both programs include an approximate 90-minute Initial Health Intake (02 below) to discuss your intake forms before I put together the key contents for the optimal Healing Programs. This will include examining things like your prior pharmaceutical or holistic approaches, diet and lifestyle, stress management, background traumas, work/life balance, family and other support systems in place, and a detailed discussion of the main issues that are impacting your health and happiness. The AI & Tick-Borne Programs are implemented on a monthly basis since everyone has a unqiue health history.  I also have family plans available.

Some of what I provide for my Healing Programs:

  • Educate Client on current Health Issue (i.e., Lyme and Co-infections, Alopecia, etc.)

  • Address Nutritional Deficiencies and Food Allergies 

  • Restore Immune Function 

  • Address Damage to Intestinal Lining & Repair Digestive function

  • Address Adrenal and Thyroid Issues

  • Educate on Dietary and Lifestyle Changes (Optimize: Diet, Sleep function, and Emotional Issues) 

  • Educate on Stress Management Techniques (Get body into Parasympathetic Mode)

  • Removing Pathogens and Toxins from body without burdening the body with severe die-off reactions (i.e. Viruses, Chemical Toxins of all forms, Bacteria, Parasites, Heavy Metals, Yeast) 

  • Help body address Overall Inflammation 

  • Provide ongoing Emotional Support and Enroll in Facebook Support Group

  • Access to Online Pharmacy with Client Discount so you can get Therapeutic Grade Supplements 

  • Access to Custom Blended Herbal Tinctures Designed Specifically for your Healing Journey

  • Empower Client to take charge of their own Healing Journey.

Appointment Process

Est. 20 Minutes


  • Discuss  your current needs and if I can help you with your optimal health journey.

  • Inform you of the time it will take to assess your current health situation.

  • Send you a comprehensive list of forms to fill out along with any additional materials that may help me design the healing protocol including labs, current medications, past traumas etc.


Initial Consultation

Est. 450 Minutes for health review & 90-120 Minutes to Review Plan


  • Review the information you have provided from your Initial Consultation and what it means.

  • Develop a healing protocol. (450 min)

  • Explain the program devised for you or your pet to regain optimal health. (90-120 min)

  • If not in a AI or Tick-Borne Healing Program, then discuss the number and frequency of Follow Up appointments necessary for your healing journey.

**** We have initial pet appts available also for 75 min.


Initial Health Intake

Est. 60 Minutes

  • Each Follow Up is specific to your needs and adjustments can be made based upon your progress during your healing journey.

  • Used for One-time Follow Ups, Healing Program appointments -  6 or 12 Month, or on-going Follow Ups.


Follow Ups

** Please make sure you have completed and submitted all forms and information to me 4 days prior to your scheduled Initial Health Intake .


Billing Structure

​There are two different billing structures based upon my Healing Programs.

AI & Tick-Borne Healing Programs:

After your free initial consultation, as stated above, I will determine your plan. Upon agreement, you will be placed into one of the Healing Programs.  These programs are described above and will be discussed more in-depth during our free assessment consult.

Short Term Healing Program:

After your free consult, your next appointment (the Initial Health Intake appointment) will be billed via invoice and will include the time and research it took for me to develop your plan as was agreed upon during the free consult. You may schedule Follow-Up appointments as needed or as I have indicated in your protocol. These appointments are also charged based upon the time spent during the appointment and any research necessary for your protocol as agreed upon. An invoice will be billed prior to the follow up appointment.